A Berry Good Day

Last week, a friend mentioned that she went blueberry picking at a local farm. I told Dan about it and thought that it would be a fun thing to do sometime this summer. He said, "How about tomorrow?" Well, okay then!

On Saturday morning, we drove to 

Beulah Berries

 a seven acre blueberry farm in Northwest Florida. After being briefed on the blueberry fields, we grabbed three yellow gallon buckets and headed off. Since it is early in the season only a few varieties of berries were ripe, but there were plenty to pick from.

We had so much fun! We quickly learned that to get the good berries, we had to really get into the blueberry bushes. I decided to dive right in.

Yup, I'm literally squatting under the 5 foot blueberry bush! I crawled around and hit the jackpot of ripe and plump blueberries!

After two hours, we picked 2.5 gallons. We'll be stocked up on blueberries for a very long time! If anyone has any blueberry recipes, please share.

The Beulah Berries rates are $10 for a gallon and $5 for half of a gallon. Also, the blueberries are naturally treated, in other words, the plants are all pesticide free. I highly recommend wearing tennis shoes as some parts of the grass are high, plus you may trek through some dirt. They do provide sunscreen and bug spray for guests to use at no cost. Bring your children! They ask that your children are supervised, but let me tell you, they can be a great blueberry picking partner as they can squeeze into and under the bushes much better than we adults can. After you pay, you are giving a stamp card for the next visit. After picking ten gallons, the eleventh one is free! (And who doesn't love free? Especially when a quart of blueberries in the store is 6 bucks?) Finally, take your time and have a "berry" fun time!

Have you ever been fruit picking? I've only been apple, strawberry, and now blueberry picking. Let me know about your experiences in the comments!