A Recap of Being 23.

My twenty-third year of life has been one of the best years of my life thus far. Last year, I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Ocean City, NJ with my in-laws. It was actually the first birthday I celebrated away from my parents, so at first I was a little sad. However, my awesome in-laws made my day super special. Dan and I did a five mile bike ride, ate lunch at a cafe with an ocean view, and did some window shopping. That evening, my in-laws took us to a fancy seafood restaurant. Much to my shock, my sister-in-law ordered a small cake and had the waiters bring it out to me singing "Happy Birthday." (No one has ever sung to me in a restaurant!) That evening, my sister-in-law, her husband, Dan and I went mini-golfing. I lost miserably, but it was still so much fun! It was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

I feel like I've grown a lot this past year. I've learned that. . .

1) Friends come and go and it's okay to let go.
I had to tell myself that it was okay to let go of the ones who were only meant to be in my life for a season. My sister-in-law and I were talking about a situation I was in and she told me something her mom told her. "There are some friends you have for a season. There are some friends you have for a reason. There are some friends you have for life. Regardless what category they fall into, thank the Lord for the friendship you had at that time and move on."

2) Doing God's will will result in a better outcome than one will ever dream of.
There have been some decisions that we've prayed about. Some decisions that we made weren't necessarily our first choice, but we felt strongly that God was moving us that way. Following God's will is always best. We have been so blessed this year. Our cup is spilling over with blessings.

3) It's okay to dream but in moderation.
Before, I was a dreamer. I was one of those girls who dreamed about the future. I always had a ten year plan. For example, while I was engaged, I had in my head that we would get married in 2012, have a baby by 2014, buy a house by 2015, finish my masters by 2016, have another kid in 2017, etc. All of that changed when I realized, why am I planning my future? First, God should be the one in control of my life. Second, with all the future planning, I started missing out on great things of the present. It's okay to plan in moderation. Planning is a necessity for life. It would be ridiculous to buy a house if you hadn't saved up for it. However, I was an extreme dreamer, but now I've learned to dream in moderation. My future plans are all in God's hands.

4) Cooking is apparently not my strong suit.
Yes, I took home economics in high school. Yes, I can make a basic meal. Can I cook? I can follow a recipe fine. Do I love it? No. If anyone has any easy and fast recipes to share, please do in the comments!

As life continues on, I'm excited to see what God has in store for us this year. We are in a new season of life and are enjoying it to the fullest!