Party like it's 1990!

I'm feelin' 24! In order for you to get to know me better, here are 24 random facts about me.

1) My favorite color is any shade of teal or aqua.
2) I need coffee in the morning, otherwise I don't function very well. (French vanilla creamer is the best.)
3) I have two adorable puppies: Piper and Carl.
4) Before our puppies, I was not a dog lover.
5) I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
6) I'm working on a Master of Science in Educational Leadership.
7) My favorite fictional love story is the one of Anne and Gilbert.
8) I can't get into Pride and Prejudice. I've literally tried to read the book five times and each time I've gotten bored. (Sorry, Austenites)
9) My other favorite book is Little Women. I was so upset when Jo rejected Laurie and the whole Laurie and Amy thing is just weird to me.
10) When I was little, I dislocated my knee three times. One of the times was while I was sitting on the top bunk of my friends bed. Yeah, imagine trying to get down. . .
11) I love photography and would love to take a photography class.
12) I am terrified of heights. Giant roller coasters are a no-go for me. (Also climbing lighthouses are a no-go. Post on that later!)
13) My favorite type of cake is red velvet. A second favorite would be yellow cake and chocolate fudge frosting!
14) I've played the piano since I was five.
15) In third grade, I invited my school music teacher to my piano recital. He felt bad that he couldn't make it, so he asked me to play my recital song while my class was coming in. He was so impressed that he asked me to play a solo in the annual 5th grade music show. I haven't played in front of that many people since.
16) When I get frozen yogurt, I always put the fresh strawberries in my cup. Doesn't matter what flavor fro-yo I get.
17) My dream vacation would be going to Hawaii for a couple of weeks.
18) I'm rarely ever surprised. If you pull one over me, that is an accomplishment!
19) I love board games and even more, I love winning board games. :-)
20) We've decided on names for our future sons. Girls names are up in the air. They are complicated!
21) I'm quite envious of those who sing well. In a second life, I'd love to be a singer.
22) One Sunday, I was on my own for teaching a 2-3 year old nursery class at church. First, I swear, the preacher went on longer than normal. Second, I was able to accomplish something not many were able to. I was able to have all eight toddlers sitting on the carpet listening to me. It lasted about ten minutes, but oh my word. It was the best ten minutes of that morning.
23) It's on my bucket list to go to Austria and sing "The Hills are Alive" in the Alps like Maria in the Sound of Music.
24) My favorite Bible hero is Esther. I believe her example of "strength under control" is one that all women can follow.