Three Wooden Boxes: Part One

Upon the celebration of our second anniversary, I thought this would be an appropriate post for the occasion. Enjoy!


Growing up, I was one of those girls who dreamed about weddings and proposals. I loved love. Let's be honest. I was a sap. When Dan and I started dating seriously, we started talking about proposals. I told him I would love our proposal to be a surprise, romantic, and creative. As the year went on, I knew that he was going to propose eventually, but I had no idea when. Actually I thought it was going to be in August right before college started or December at Christmas. So when the week of July 1st came, I really had no idea what was coming.

The last week of June 2011, I received a text from Dan with strict instructions not to open the package that was heading my way. The package and instructions weren't unusual to me considering that we had sent packages to each other before and we always opened our gifts on Skype. When Dan and I finally did Skype, he told me that I couldn't open my package until I had a bad day at work.

Wait, what?

Dan was pretty smooth about it. He said, "It's nothing big. I just want to make your day better when you have a bad day. And this package will make up for me not coming down to visit you." I tried telling him that my day was awful, but he didn't believe me. For the next several days, we'd talk and I'd


 ask Dan if I could open my package. Each day was a definite "no."

I finally gave up. The next Tuesday, as Dan and I were talking on the phone, he casually mentioned that I could open my package. I was thrilled. We got on Skype so that he could watch me open the package. Much to my surprise, I found three wooden boxes and a piece of paper with more instructions.

Surprisingly, I wasn't suspicious of this at all. Dan is pretty creative and had given me gifts similar to this before. The next morning, I opened the first wooden box. Inside the box were red and white felt rose petals with a note that said "the past." Immediately, I thought about when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He gave me a box of rose petals with a note asking me to be his girlfriend.

The next day, I opened the second box. Puzzle pieces came out. As I was putting the puzzle pieces together, I realized a message was on it.

"The Present" made me suspicious. There was one last box, so could it be "the future"? I tried really hard not to overanalyze this. Dan did tell me that he couldn't afford a flight down, and with his class and work schedule, he just couldn't come down to visit, much less propose. I really wanted to believe this because if he didn't come visit, I would be extremely disappointment. And, I don't like to set myself up for disappointment.

Meanwhile at work, the subject of the package came up. My friends, coworkers, and bosses were very intrigued. It actually became the sage of the two offices I was working with. On Friday, when I told them about the first two wooden boxes, everyone, and I mean everyone, flipped out.

To everyone else, it was obvious that the last wooden box was "the future." Everyone had their assumptions.

"Maybe the ring is in the last box, and he's going to meet you at your car after work." One lady suggested.

"Maybe he's going to give you a map to a destination where he'll wait for you." Another coworker said.

"I bet you're going to open the last box and it's going to have a note that says 'turn around' and when you do, he'll be standing there."

My boss, the mother hen of all of us, chuckled at everyone and said, "You know, if nothing happens this weekend, Kaycee's going to be mad at all of you for putting all those ideas in her head."

The possibilities were endless. All I knew was that at 4:45, my life could change forever. At 4:44, Nikki, my coworker, said, "Get up to the time clock! You need to scan out first." The ladies parted as though I were crossing the Red Sea and when 4:45:00 hit the clock, I scanned out.

Then, I ran. I ran out the door, took off my shoes and ran across the campus to my car. I jumped in my car and suddenly felt very nervous.

"Here goes nothing." I untied the aqua colored ribbon and opened the final box.

Inside was a dollar and a rolled up scroll.

To be continued...