My Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Lists! Who remembers receiving those from teachers or librarians? My dad, who is very much an advocate for keeping minds active, required me to read so many books off of that list. When I was in elementary school, trips to either the library or Borders were a weekly tradition in the summer. As I grew older, the sad day came when summer reading lists ceased to exist. I did read, but only books that I wanted to read such as books by Karen Kingsbury, Robin Gunn, or Meg Cabot. Sad to say, the only classics I read were for school. Even then, most of the time, I skimmed the books for content.

This year, I've really wanted to get back into reading books to expand my mind. I've tried to find reading lists, but several books either sound too boring or too raunchy. So, I've created my own summer reading list!

Gone With the Wind
I watched the movie when I was 13 and was appalled at the ending. People always say that books are better than the movies, so I thought why not give this tale another shot?

Love, Skip, Jump
Several people have been recommending this book over social media and it sounded interesting.

The Book Thief
For the record, this was on my "to read list" before it became a movie. I love history and World War II has always intrigued me.

We're going to see this on Broadway this summer!

North and South
This book was recommended to me by a friend.


What's on your summer reading list? I'd love to know and get recommendations!