Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! Today, I'm linking up with Neely's Sunday Social.

1. Introduce yourself and your blog to us.
Welcome to the Emerald Life Blog! I'm Kaycee, the girl behind the blog. Take a peek around!

2. What is your favorite form of Social Media and why?
Instagram because a picture is worth a thousand words. And, I love photography of any kind. 

3. What made you start a blog?
The story behind this blog is here and here. In a nutshell, the purpose of my blog is to reconnect with old friends and family, to overcome my fear of writing "publicly," and to document my journey discovering the Emerald Coast!

4. What do you feel the most meaningful/special post you’ve written is?
So far, I have to say it's the story about the three boxes. Here is part one and part two.

That's all folks!