Hopes and Plans v 2.

Today, I'm linking up with Marry Mint. Here's an update how last week went:

one || Send a few birthday cards out. I know a few birthdays coming up soon!

two ||  Work on my blog. I have several posts still sitting in my drafts that I need to get finished.
Time literally ran away. Again. Oy with the poodles already.

three || Work on my summer class. I confess that I've been slacking. I really need to get on that. Ugh.
We won't even discuss this one.

four || Organize the rest of the work week. Work has been crazy. I feel like my head has been spinning all day. I just need to sit and organize the rest of the week with no interruptions.
I survived. That is all. And thank goodness July is about over. The craziest work month is basically over. PTL.

five || Plan a day date with my man. We've been so busy this month that we've barely gotten to explore the Emerald Coast. I'm thinking about taking a day trip to the USS Alabama. It sounds pretty interesting and we've never been. Plus, it'll give us an excuse to try Chipotle for the first time since Mobile, AL, has the closest Chipotle to us.
Still working on this.


This week I plan to...

one // Start my She Reads Truth plan.

two // Get ideas from Pinterest for door wreaths. Our front door needs some loving.


three // Start reading Wicked. Dan bought this book for my for Christmas and I haven't even started it. Now that I've seen the play, I'm dying to read the book!

What's on your "to-do" list this week?