Vacation Recap #1: The Big Apple

Ohhh, yeah!

That's right. I totally just created our own hashtag. #unashamedlyso

We had been planning to take a trip to New York to visit Dan's uncle. It finally worked out for us to see him before heading down to Ocean City, New Jersey for Dan's family reunion. (More on that later!)

So, New York. What a trip! We packed in so many activities in the 36 hours we were there! Here are a few things we did in the city.

Joe's Pizza

We didn't realize this until after the fact, but Joe's Pizza is known for making an appearance in Spiderman! I'm not a thin crust pizza sort of gal, but I certainly enjoyed this one!


Oh my stars. I can FINALLY check this off of my bucket list. Wicked was beyond phenomenal. The acting, the singing, and the plot were amazing. If you want to see a Broadway production, I highly recommend Wicked. My favorite musical numbers were hands down "Popular" and "Defying Gravity." I'd talk about it more, but I don't want to give anything away!

Times Square

Of course, we had to stop by Times Square. It is simply amazing how many people are in one location especially so late at night! My husband made a comment that people in NY really don't sleep. It's so true! We walked past a completely full McDonalds at 1 AM. Not to mention the fact that kids were still in the Disney store at that time. (What happened to a 9 PM bedtime?)

Statue of Liberty

Since we had a late night on Saturday, we did the Statue of Liberty on Sunday afternoon. We really wished that we could have done both Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, but we were running out of time. We took the ferry from Liberty State Park in Jersey which ended up being better since more people were coming and going from Battery Park in NY. We were able to take the hundred-something stairs up to the pedestal. The view was awesome!

Excuse my


wind blown hair.

Overall, we had a fantastic time in NYC! Prior to our visit, Dan had no desire to visit the Big Apple. Now that we've been, he's a little more fascinated by everything that we could do and see. The next time we go to NYC, we want to:

1) Visit Central Park again, but on bikes!

2) Visit Ellis Island.

3) Be part of Good Morning America or Rachael Ray or something.

4) Visit the observation deck of Rockefeller

5) Check out some of the museums in the area

6) Visit the Intrepid.

7) I think it would be cool to see a show in Radio City Music Hall. :)

Anyone else been to New York City? Share your experience in the comments!