Vacation Recap #2: OCNJ Part 1

After a hectic yet fun-filled weekend in New York City, we headed down south to Ocean City, NJ to see Dan's family. It has been a summer tradition for Dan's family to go to Ocean City for a week. It has turned into somewhat of a family reunion since his family is spread among five states. My in-laws are awesome and I'm so thankful for them.

Ocean City is a little beach town tucked between Atlantic City and Cape May. Here are a few random facts about Ocean City:

1. OCNJ has been nicknamed "America's Greatest Family Resort."

2. Grace Kelly summered in Ocean City. Her family's vacation home is on Wesley Avenue.

3. OCNJ hosts one of the oldest baby parades in America.

4. It's a dry town. No alcohol.

We had such a great time with the fam-bam!!

We rode surreys as a family. Yes, a surrey is basically a bicycle built for four. We had a total of six people in our surrey. Dan and I were pedaling in the front I highly doubt our back passengers pedaled at all! My thighs and calves were extremely sore afterward.

My sister-in-law, her husband, Dan and I decided to try paddle boarding. Now, paddle boarding is relatively simple. You stand on a board and row. However, when we went paddle boarding, we had two things working against our favor: the wind, the current, and the marsh. For the most part we were fighting against the current and it didn't help that we were winding around the marshes. There was a point where we couldn't even move because the current was so strong. Not going to lie, but by the end of the first hour, I was ready to quit because it was just tiring and frustrating. Despite all that, I would definitely try it again, except in the Gulf Coast where the water is clear and where you're not confined to a marsh.

Dan and I

I think at this point, I was probably complaining to him about how tired I was. LOL.

(Isn't that marsh just nasty looking?!)

We took the nieces mini-golfing at one of the best mini golf places I had ever been to. Of course, Dan suggested for the teams that it be he and his sister versus the in-laws (aka me and my brother-in-law). We each picked a niece and off we went. Surprisingly, the younger niece (who is about eight) did really well and actually scored the first hole-in-one for our team! I also made a hole-in-one twice, kind of. The first was on my own. The second was because my sister-in-law hit my ball into the hole before I could go a second time (thanks again!). Despite our three hole-in-one's, Dan's team won by three points. (Even though I think their team only had one hole-in-one). At the very end, there is an extra hole to play for a free game. And, my brother-in-law won his game! So, in one game, as a group we had five hole-in-ones. And that never happens.

Congo Falls

I actually had more for this post, but it ended up being extremely long! Stay tuned for OCNJ Part 2. :-)