Vacation Recap #3: OCNJ Part 2

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The beach. Oh, yes. I know that the Emerald Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but there's something about the Jersey Shore. Maybe, it's because it's different. Maybe, it's because I'm away from the craziness of Florida. I'm more relaxed on the Jersey Shore. And I love it. 

"Ocean jumping"

Other things we did:

1) Family photo shoot

Unlike last year, I didn't take as many scenic pictures this year. I focused a lot of family. We had an informal photo shoot on the beach the last night. I have a feeling it may end up on someone's Christmas card.

2) Foodies

We ate at several different places which include Point Diner, the Crab Trap, and the Blooming Tulip. Out of the three, the Crab Trap was definitely my favorite. The baked crab imperial was delish! For dessert and snacks, we had our fair share of Johnson's Popcorn, Polish Water Ice, Rita's, Kohrs, Mallons Sticky Buns, Manco & Manco Pizza, and Shrivers Taffy.

3) Fudge

Fudge deserved its own section. Last year, my brother-in-law found the most delicious fudge known to man but when I asked him about it this year, he couldn't remember the name or where he got it. So, the four of us decided to sample EVERY fudge shop on the OCNJ boardwalk. And, to no avail. Nothing tasted as amazing as that fudge. At Point Diner, my brother-in-law noticed an ad for "Rauhauser's" a candy and fudge store downtown. He said, "Kaycee! I think this is it!" I flipped out because I knew that HAD to be the place with the most amazing fudge ever. And it was. Oh. My. Soul. If you are ever in Ocean City, NJ, you must run, don't walk, to 


. (I've even linked it here because it's that good). I wish I had a picture of us in Rauhauser's, but we were too busy overdosing on fudge and chocolate to even think about taking pictures.

I took this picture at the restaurant so we'd remember where the fudge shop is.

Vacation was such a blessing in so many ways. It was great to get away for a bit, but there's no place like home. Til next time, Ocean City!