Sunday Social

The end of Sunday is near, but hey, better late than never, right?

5 Things you want us to know about you
one// I love fall for the sheer fact that pumpkin flavored everything comes out. (I'm one of those girls.)

two// I wish I had money to buy another pair of Toms. By the way, they're going on sale on Zulily. I bought my first pair from Zulily last year. Totally worth the wait.
three// I love my Erin Condren planner. Post to come on this!
four// My poor little blog has suffered because my work life has been terribly busy. And that class that I was taking? Yeah... I'm still trying to finish it.
five// I just discovered Spotify. Where have I been?

5 Favorite things about blogging
one// Reading other blogs
two// Creative outlet
three// Learning design.
four// Link ups
five// Being able to "journal"

5 Things you are doing before the year is over
one// Get active and get in shape. Drop that size that I've gained..........
two// Go paddle boarding or sailing before it gets too cold.
three// Attempt a new dessert to bring to my aunts for Thanksgiving
four// Attend my brothers undergraduate senior art show. Can't believe this kid's graduating.
five// I am going to go to Bellingrath Gardens to see the Christmas lights no matter what it takes! Post to come on this too.

5 Favorite Fall Fashion Staples
If only Florida had a fall.....
one// Scarves
I love scarves and how they just add a sense of flair to any outfit.
two// Boots
I bought Lauren Conrad (linked above, shown below) boot last year and I love them. I know you're thinking that I'm crazy for buying boots when I live in Florida. BUT, we did have that crazy ice storm (that DID bring in an inch of snow) in January.
three// Love this jacket!
I want that jacket so badly. One day!
four// Cardigans
Cardigans are a must have staple in my closet regardless the season, to be honest. My office building gets quite cool, so cardigans are awesome to have.
five// Blazers
I'm digging the blazer look. I wish that one, it were cool enough to wear, and two, I had money to buy the one shown below.

All items are linked above! :-)

5 Favorite beauty products
one// A"Berry Me" Mary Kay at Play jelly lip gloss
two// Olay Fresh Effects "Bright on Schedule" eye awakening cream
three// Mary Kay eyeliner (Literally, it's the only eyeliner that won't smudge on me!)
four// Mary Kay eye make up remover
five// Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser.

Thanks for stopping by!