"Austen-ite" or Austen-hater?

I feel like I'm the only girl in the world who doesn't care for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

*ducks from the flying tomatoes*

Before you start hating, in my defense, I have tried to read this book several times in the past ten years. I cannot get into it whatsoever. I typically like the whole "girl meets guy, hates guy, loves guy" conflict. I like sarcasm and wittiness. I like deeper conflict in books. I like seeing characters grow and change. So, why can't I get into Pride and Prejudice? Honestly, I don't know!

* I've read long books before. Growing up, I was a little bookworm.
* I've read books with multiple conflicts.
* I'm a sucker for love stories (as long as it's not cheesy-- which P&P is not.)
* The characters are relatable. I can relate to Elizabeth Bennett in a few aspects.

All of the above would be a great set up for my next favorite book. However, I can never finish Pride and Prejudice. I have to say that I have seen the movie (The Keira Knightly version, sorry A&E lovers) and when I did, I fell asleep. Tried watching it again in the middle of the afternoon once and fell asleep. Tried watching it before bed because I knew it would put me to sleep, but didn't because I had the subtitles on. I will say, the music is quite lovely though.

To be honest, I feel somewhat guilty for not liking Jane Austen's most popular work. Actually, I'm inspired to try again although this would be millionth time I've tried to read it. This book is my giant in the reading world that I want to conquer. I just want to finish it to say that I have read Pride and Prejudice cover to cover!

So now you know my reading struggle. Here are my questions for you:
1) Are you an "Austen-ite" or an "Austen hater"? Why?
2) What books would you recommend for me knowing that I cannot get into Pride and Prejudice?

Here is an idea of books or authors that I've read and liked: Little Women, Little Men, Jo's Boys, Anne of Green Gables (the whole series), The Scarlet Letter, Huckleberry Finn, some of Edgar Allan Poe's works, Robert and Elizabeth Browning.

I also cannot get into anything the Bronte sisters wrote. In all fairness, I haven't tried to read any of their works since high school, so I should probably try again.

Please comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!