Throwback Tuesday: Hello, 1990s!

Elizabeth at

Elizabeth Loves

wrote a post about her childhood and I loved it so much that I just had to write my own post on the 90s.

Leggings, overalls, turtlenecks, and oversized hoodies

: Oh, MERCY. I am SO glad the style from the 90s has died. Future generations, don't try to bring it back. If you're going to bring a style back, bring back the 80s or something. Just kidding.

Speaking of fashion, how about those

fancy dresses

? The ones with the collars. I think they are called "smock dresses"? I've also heard them referred as the "baptist-collar dresses."

Yes. That's me on my 4th birthday.

American Girl

: If you were at my elementary school, you knew how hard it was to check out the American Girl books from the library. You knew how hard it was to check out the Samantha series from the library. Oh, and if you had the doll, you were totally on the popular list. The lower elementary school struggle.

Babysitters Club

: All my friends wanted to be Kristy. Even I wanted to be Kristy, but since I fit Claudia's description better, I was immediately dubbed as Claudia and the rest of my friends fought to be Kristy. We even started a club thanks to the series. It actually started off as a spy club (Think of Harriet the Spy meets the Babysitters Club) but turned into a regular girls club.

And for those of you who have never read the Babysitters Club books, Claudia is the one on the bottom left. Now you see why my friends dubbed me as Claudia.

Tamagochis and Giga Pets

: Remember how these little guys were banned from school? I wanted one so bad. I convinced my parents that a virtual pet was better than a real pet. Much to my delight, my cousin bought me a purple Giga Pet for Christmas. I named my virtual dog Jezebel not realizing that the Bible's Jezebel was a horrid person. After "Jezebel" died fifteen million times, I pleaded my mom to take care of my pet since I couldn't take it to school. Bless my mom as she kept my little virtual puppy alive, well-fed, and happy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley

: Admit it--they were the only reason you wanted to be a twin. I was obsessed with their mystery series. "Olsen and Olsen mystery agency. We'll solve any crime by dinner time." Is it sad I still remember the theme song to their mystery videos? And does anyone remember their movies?

It Takes Two

was one of my favorites.

Discovery Zone

: Did anyone have a birthday party at the Discovery Zone? Talk about a McDonald's playhouse on steroids! And when the Discovery Zone closed, all my friends had birthday parties at

My Three Sons

-- even BETTER!

Beanie Babies

: We were obsessed with Beanie Babies. I thought we were going to be millionaires.

Enough said.

Wow. What a trip down memory lane! I could have talked more about the "last great decade," but that would fill up the entire webpage. Maybe I'll do a part two for kicks and giggles. What are your favorite memories, trends, and fashions from the 90s? Let me know in the comments!