#Blogmas14 - Favorite Family Christmas Photo/Card

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Today's topic: Favorite Family Christmas Photo/Card

I know there is a better shot of the family floating around somewhere, but this one makes me laugh every time I see it. Where is your Christmas spirit, people?! Yes, I'm the kiddo in the most adorable red dress. My mom isn't a super sentimental person when it comes to our childhood things, but the little red dress is one she kept for my future daughter.

This next picture is one from Christmas 2012. I think we age quite gracefully. This time around, we've added one more to the family. (My grandma passed away in 1996, so this would be the last Christmas that she was well.) Maybe next year, we'll be adding another addition to the fam-bam. No, I'm not expecting, but there is a special girl who has my brother's heart... Oh, what 2015 may hold!

Our most recent Christmas picture is one I've used quite a lot. But, I love it! The puppies looking at us crazy humans makes the picture just too cute.

I'm hoping to get a few family pictures done this weekend. If When I get them done, I'll be sure to post it up on the blog.


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