Goodbye, 2014

It's thirteen days into the new year and I still can't believe how great 2014 was. God was good. Dan and I just grew so much in 2014 and God kept the blessings flowing.

In January, it snowed. Yes, you read that right. It snowed on the Emerald Coast. Here are a few pictures to prove it!

In February, we upgraded to our first smartphone-- the iPhone. This little gadget is amazing! Honestly, as nice as it is to have the Instagram and Bloglovin apps, my favorite feature is the awesome little camera! I hated my not-so-smart-phones because the picture quality was just awful and I am a picture freak.

In March, I started thinking about starting up this blog. I had other blogs before that just, well, went no where. This time around, I was determined to stick with it. This year was definitely a trial year for my lil' blog, and I think I did okay! My goal for this year is to blog with a purpose. (We'll get to that sometime soon.)

In April, I experienced my first "Crawfish Boil"! My best friend's family has roots in Louisiana and invited me to their crawfish boil. Since I'm a huge seafood fan, I told them to "count me in!" Two words to sum it up: SO GOOD!

This was right before I ate my first crawfish! Had to document the moment of course. Hah!

May was our anniversary and my birthday month. For our anniversary, we enjoyed barbecue, blueberries and baseball! I don't remember much about my birthday, but I do remember this: 1) My workers surprised me and sang "Happy Birthday" to me 2) It rained on my actual birthday 3) The weekend before my actual birthday, we went swimming at my parents house. My mom and dad surprised me with a cake, which was totally unexpected and so sweet (no pun intended).

We went to New York City and the Jersey shore in June. You can read about that here and here and here.

July was a month full of baby and bridal showers. Congrats to all my friends who had babies and got married this summer!

In August, we hopped on the bandwagon and did the Ice Bucket Challenge.

September was trying month. I was facing a spiritual battle. During that month, the Lord taught me to trust in Him with all my heart. He taught me to listen to the still, small voice. Oh, I wish I could go into more detail with what the Lord taught me, but maybe one day. I'm so thankful to have a support network in my husband, my family, my mentors, and best friends.

We crossed one thing off of our bucket list in October and explored a corn maze with a couple of friends!

November was my lucky month. I won three contests! How crazy! My in-laws were able to visit and we were able to celebrate an early Thanksgiving and Christmas in one.

And during the last days of December, Dan crossed something off of his bucket list-- he built a dining room table for me and our future family! I just love it! Now to build six more chairs...

We had a fabulous Christmas celebrating with our family. This year, we celebrated Christmas (in person) with my family and we celebrated Christmas with his family via FaceTime. Thank the Lord for good ol' technology!

I could go on forever reviewing every single event from this year, but to do so would take a very long time. I'm so excited to see what 2015 holds.