Currently ((February))

Currently, I am...
+ Eating: Nothing right now, but for dinner I made Chicken Parm Sloppy Joes by the amazing Mix and Match Mama! (I want to be just like her when I grow up-- amazing cook and baker with an amazing family. Another side note: Shay and her husband just adopted a little girl from China. Their adoption story was so moving. You need to check it out.)
+ Drinking: Sparkling Ice Water. Yum.
+ Playing: I bit the bullet and re-downloaded Candy Crush. #mustcrushallcandies
+ Wishing: That Florida would make up its mind and just stay 70 degrees all year round. Honestly. Is it that hard??
+ Waiting: for my new canvas backpack to come in. I'm so excited because when we go on trips, I can stuff my giant camera in my bag without trying to break my shoulders carrying a purse and my camera.
+ Liking: that January, the worst and longest month ever, is over. Til next year!
+ Wondering: what the future will hold for us.
+ Reading: For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe. (Okay, so I just finished...a couple of days ago) Interesting insight on a former Bachelor. I won't spoil it for the rest of you!
+ Needing: to get away from reality for a little bit! It's been stressful around here and we would just love to get away from it all and just have some fun.
+ Smelling: our "Honeymoon Hideaway" scentsy bar. It's awesome.
+ Wearing: sweats and a t-shirt. It's my go-to-comfy-I'm-at-home-don't-make-me-go-anywhere outfit.
+ Listening to: my puppy Carl snoring. He sounds like such an old man.
+ Watching: The King of Queens. Kevin James and Leah Remini for the win!!! 
+ Working on: planning our next getaway. I'm so excited to go on this brand new adventure.
+ Feeling: Blessed. That is all. :-)