Jamberry Review & Giveaway!

If you're anything like me, nail polish is your enemy.

It smudges.
It chips.
It fades.
It smears.
It's wet.
It's messy.

Those cute designs? Impossible to do.

And trying to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand? A catastrophe.

Let's talk about dry time. I'm sure any woman can testify to having to do something after painting her nails; like, letting the dog out, chasing a kiddo, making dinner, or doing laundry. We all know what happens: major smudging, weeping and mourning, then having to redo your whole right hand.

Enter Jamberry.

When I stumbled upon Jamberry, I just had to try it because it's an adhesive nail wrap. Meaning, no mess, no smudging, and super cute designs! Perfect for a nail polish klutz such as myself.

The application is very simple!
1) Prep your nails.
2) Find the wrap that fits your nail best.
3) Apply heat.
4) Apply to the nail.

For a more detailed explanation, check out the official Jamberry application instructions.

BOOM. Pretty nails that last about two weeks.

1) Rose Gold Sparkle
2) Neptune
3) Midnight Celebration & Diamond Dust Sparkle (accent nail)
4) Kiss Me Ombre

A few tips with applying Jamberry:
one || Everyone's nails are different. If it doesn't work for you the first time, do some research! There are many different ways to apply the wrap on to nails.

two || Take your time. It may seem tedious at first, but it's definitely worth it! (Painting your nails in a rush and your nails looking sloppy and chips three days later, or "jamming" your nails for perfect nails for two weeks?)

three || I have found that filing down the excess wrap helps the wrap stay on longer. (Some say to clip it, but when I did that the first time, my wraps fell off within 3 days.)

four || It helps to apply pressure unto the wrap after you've applied it and it doesn't hurt to heat them up again.

five || Make sure, make sure, make sure your nails are cleaned and dried! Again, the oils on your nails will affect the adhesiveness of the wrap. (This is speaking from experience. I once disregarded cleaning my nails and the wraps started peeling after a couple days)

six || If you follow the directions and are very careful, your wraps should last at least 10 days. The first time I applied Jamberry, I didn't follow all of the instructions (like pre-cleaning my nails) and my wraps fell off in about 3-5 days. When I followed the instructions, they lasted about 10-12 days. I'm pretty rough with my hands, so I thought this was pretty good!

Now starts the real fun:

In honor of my new obsession, I am hosting an online Facebook Jamberry party for YOU! Join in on the fun starting February 1st! My fabulous consultant Alissa will be online to help you with any questions and will be doing more giveaways!

Not only that, but Alissa has graciously let me host a giveaway right here on the blog. Let's get the party started!

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