FAQ about the Munchkin

Since I've received several of the same questions, I've decided that I'm going to answer them right here.

Do you want a girl or a boy?
Honestly, we don't really care. Both genders are equally fun! Eventually, I would like to have a boy AND a girl, but for now, it doesn't matter to me. I have a feeling it's a girl, but Dan thinks it's a boy. We shall see!

Do you have names picked out?
Yes. We're not saying until later!

How many weeks along are you?
Currently 19 weeks today.

Were you trying to have a baby?
Honestly, I hate this question. It's really not anyone's business. Plus, what does it matter to you?

When did you tell your family? And how?
We told them in March when my in-laws came to visit. My parents hosted dinner and we told everyone then.

Originally, we were going to have cupcakes with little hints on the cupcakes. However, that fell through. I told them that I wanted to take a family "picture" since we were all together. I set up my camera, and since I was so nervous, I completely blanked on how to use the video recorder. So, I took several pictures and claimed that they weren't all that great. Everyone was tired of smiling so they took a five-minute break while I collected myself and finally remembered how to use the record option. Everyone gathered back together, I set the video to record. As I started to film, with them thinking I was taking a picture, I said, "Everyone say, 'Baby on Board.'" I honestly said the first thing that popped into my head (Probably because I saw Bethany Hamilton's baby announcement a couple weeks before and that's what she said and it sounded good. Haha!). Honestly, I felt ridiculous and nervous. It didn't help that everyone just repeated what I said and I just stood there looking daft.

My mom got it right away and said, "Are you announcing something?"
I said, "Maybe?" (Again, nervous wreck. Don't ask me why)
My brother said, "Wut??"
His girlfriend said, "Really?"
I said, "Possibly..." (I'm a dork. I know.)
My sister-in-law stared at me like I've lost my mind because she thought I was messing with everyone. She finally said, "Wait. Are you serious?"
Finally, Dan jumped in and said, "September...." (We hadn't had our ultrasound at that point, so our due date changed to October). As soon as he said that, everyone screamed.

Our families are thrilled!

Why did you wait so long to announce this?
I will explain this all in another post. Keep an eye out!

Do you have a theme for your nursery?
I have ideas, but we're waiting to find out if it's a boy or girl.

Will you be a stay-at-home mom when the baby comes?
Work-at-work mom is going to be my status! At least for now.

How have you been feeling?
From the end of January to about mid-March, I felt terribly nauseated. From mid-March through most of April, I was getting horrible headaches and I just felt exhausted. The month of May has been a golden month. This is the best I've felt since probably Christmas.

Do you crave anything?
Recently, donuts. Specifically vanilla creme powdered donuts from Dunkin. Other than that, nothing really, although I do like potatoes (loaded, baked, fried, etc.) more than I had before. It's very strange.


Now, I have a few questions for you expert momma's out there!
1) What is one thing that you registered for that you can't live without?
2) What is one thing you thought you needed for your baby, but ended up either barely using or not using?
3) If you have dogs, how did you introduce your dog to your baby?
4) For your first child, did you buy neutral patterned items or did you buy them specifically for your little girl or boy?

Let me know in the comments! Happy Friday! xoxo