It Started with a Three-Way Call

I can hardly believe another year has passed! I'll probably say that every year. Each year together has been better and better. We've been able to explore new places. We've learned more about ourselves and each other together and apart. We've been so blessed this past year and the blessings keep coming. I can't believe at this time next year we will have a little munchkin with us.

While we've been married for three years, we've known each other for almost eight years. It was our senior year of high school and he was the new kid. I didn't know this until years later, but I caught his eye on Orientation Day. He hoped that we would have a few classes together, but with his credits, we ended up only having Business Math class together.

Dan was pretty reserved that year. I didn't think anything of him except that he was a nice guy. We didn't become friends until the end of the year when we went on our senior trip to Washington DC.

Interesting fact: My mother insisted that I invite him to my graduation party, so I did. I ended up meeting his parents and sister...and I'm glad I made a good impression. Hehe. :)

That summer, we kept in contact and again, in my mind, we were just friends. The real reason was that I was going through guy problems of my own. I remember being really frustrated with the guy I liked at the time. I remember sitting on the floor in my room stress cleaning and I blurted out loud to only myself, "Why can't he be more like... like... Dan?!" I freaked myself out with that comment because I had no idea where that thought even came from!

At the end of the summer, we made plans to meet up sometime on our college campus since we were going to the same school. I arrived earlier than he did to get settled and met up with some of my other friends. I looked for him all weekend, but couldn't find him. I'm not sure why I just didn't text him. I ended up running into him in the dining hall and basically said "hi" and "bye."

We barely interacted with each other those first few days because everyone was so busy with Freshman Orientation and the start of classes. Every time we did interact, it was obvious to my friends that there was something between us. Three different friends separately and unknowingly asked me "what was up" between us. I honestly didn't know. So, the curious, okay, nosy, eighteen-year-old that I was I sent one of them to find out.

And...I found out he liked me. Slightly by accident. My friend called me and asked me what I thought about Dan. At this point, I didn't know if I had actual feelings for him. I liked the idea of Dan, but I hardly knew him to like him. I told her so and asked why she was asking me about this. She insisted that she didn't know anything, but I knew better. She finally gave in and said that they had been talking about me and that he was interested. While we were talking, my friend was also texting Dan without my knowledge. I honestly think she was trying to play matchmaker.

Then she said, "Oops." Turned out that she sent the wrong text to the wrong person. Turned out that Dan asked my friend if I liked him or something since she was asking him all these questions. My friend unwittingly sent "Uh-huh" to him.

I freaked out because I didn't want to lead Dan on when I didn't even know my own feelings. My friend came up with a brilliant idea. She would three-way him without his knowledge and I would mute my phone so he didn't know that I was on the other line. So, my friend was going to fix everything. In that phone call, my friend remedied the situation without breaking any hearts. However, I did hear Dan say that he did like me and he wanted to get to know me better if I were open to it.

I felt so bad that I heard the entire conversation. So, I confessed, much to his chagrin. (I also apologized profusely.) Looking back, I'm surprised he didn't just get up and run. I'm also surprised at how bold I was. Well, I guess God knew how everything was going to play out because Dan ended up asking me out on a date so we could talk, get to know each other, and see where this would go.

The rest is history!Thinking back to that time, I want to smack my head at how ridiculous I was. A three-way-call and muting the phone so I could listen in? Really!? I guess God knew we were meant to be and if anything, it is a bit humorous to look back on now. So that is the story of how Dan and Kaycee came to be!

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