Bumpdate: Week 23

How far along: Twenty-three weeks

Size of baby: The ultrasound tech said that the baby is exactly one pound.

Total weight gain: the "freshman" fifteen. Womp womp.

Gender: :-) Everyone will find out on July 3rd!

Maternity Clothes: I'm getting there. Skirts: I have large stretchy knits from Old Navy. Pants/Shorts: If they aren't yogas or sweats, they don't fit. Shirts: Half and half. Dresses: Nope! Target had an additional 20% off of their clearance and I scored some maternity tops for later. 

Movement: Munchkin is tumbling around, but is very relaxed for the most part. As for me, I'm struggling. I can't move certain ways 

Sleep: I seriously knock out around 7 PM, but wake up between 8:30 - 9 PM. Then, I'm asleep again by 11. My sleep schedule is so whack.

Missing:  Being able to do summer activities...like paddleboarding and stuff.

Cravings or Aversions: A good iced coffee. Starbucks for the win. Everything else is just meh.

Sweet or Salty: Definitely sweet. I'm trying to be really good because I don't want to fail the glucose test!

Cries: I laugh so hard I cry. 

Happy or Moody? Still sassy and happy. 

Dan is: pretty happy. This whole pregnancy has been quite a journey for the both of us. His famous line in the past several weeks is "I can't afford to feed you or cloth you!" Hah! It seems every week I'm needing to buy another article of clothing because things are just not fitting. And I snack a ton. Hehehehe. 

Baby is:  not a big morning person. Munchkin will start tumbling around mid-morning and then around 2 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM. 

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!

Best moments: Finding out what the Munchkin is! Munchkin also has a name and we are so excited to reveal it!

Looking forward to: Revealing the gender to the fam-bam in a few weeks!!!

Design Courtesy to Tim and PicCollage

Design Courtesy to Tim and PicCollage