Bumpdate: Week 31

How far along: Thirty-one weeks! Eeek! Nine more to go!

Size of baby: According to my apps, she's about 3-4 pounds and the size of a pineapple.

Total weight gain: Thirty pounds.

Gender:  She's still a girl :-)

Maternity Clothes: I bought the most darling dress for my baby shower coming up! It's not maternity, and I'm so excited to be able to wear it post-pregnancy.

Movement: Baby girl is not an afternoon person. Once 8 PM hits though, she's tumbling like crazy!

Sleep: Naptime as soon as I get home. It's ruining my sleep schedule.

Missing:  Not necessarily relating to pregnancy, but I miss the cooler weather!! :-( This heat is making me swell up like Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Cravings or Aversions: Peanut butter and chocolate anything... yummmmm.

Sweet or Salty: I've had my moments of salty.

Cries: Every time I laugh, I start crying.

Happy or Moody? Still happy!

Dan is: getting ready to assemble our little's crib. Woohoo!!

Baby is:  just getting bigger and bigger.

Wedding Rings On or Off? Off. Insert big tear. We bought a fake one so that I'd have something to wear because I feel so bare without my rings!

Best moments: Until this heat wave, I've been feeling pretty good. We were also able to finish our baby registry which was a major accomplishment.

Worst moment: Dealing with this heat wave! It has been 90+ degrees with the real feel of up to 108 degrees PLUS 110% humidity. Ugh. Cooler weather must come now.

Looking forward to:  Baby shower!!