36 Week Bumpdate

Hey, everyone!! Here's an update on the baby! :)

How far along: Thirty-six weeks. FOUR weeks to go. That's ONE month. ONE MONTH.

Size of baby: Honeydew Melon...and I am feeling it!

Total weight gain: Forty pounds. Hopefully, I don't gain a ton more!

Gender:  She's still a girl :-)

Maternity Clothes: Basically...yes.

Movement: Her jabs and rolls are very definite now.

Sleep: Ugh. I haven't gotten a full night's rest in about two weeks due to the constant need to use the bathroom.

Missing:  COLD WEATHER! And sleep. And sushi. YUM.

Cravings or Aversions: I've been on this peanut butter kick, but only on my English muffin for breakfast.

Sweet or Salty: Sweet. I'm like the cookie monster. 

Cries: I don't think I've really cried.

Happy or Moody? Still happy!

Dan is: a dear husband doing everything for me... from painting the baby's room to building stuff for her to making dinner. He's such a dear.

Baby is: getting ready to get here! She's head down!

Wedding Rings On or Off? Off...and I can't even wear my fake one! :(

Best moments: The baby shower thrown by my family was incredibly sweet. I can't wait to share more about it.

Worst moment: Having to go to OB triage to get tested for pre-eclampsia. Thankfully, I'm in the clear!

Looking forward to:  Baby's arrival!!