Baby #2 - Will the Cake Be Pink or Blue?!

When we were expecting Elli, Dan and I went back and forth on the whole "should we or should we not" find out her gender. We decided to find out ourselves, but surprise our families since his family was flying down to visit us. We ended up keeping the secret an extra three weeks and it was absolute torture not to spill the beans and not use the pronoun "she." With planning the first gender reveal party, we decided to have our nieces, Elli's only cousins, to take a bite out of the cupcake to reveal the color. My oldest niece's face was priceless and looking back, I'm glad she didn't choke on the cupcake because she gasped really loudly!

This time around with Baby #2, we decided not to find out and be surprised with everyone else. That was also hard because I wanted to peek so badly when the ultrasound tech told us to close our eyes. Baby #2 was not cooperating as the baby kept crossing its legs. Finally, the tech was able to see and I'm pretty sure she quadruple-checked because it seemed like we had our eyes closed for a good ten minutes.


This pregnancy has been a little different than when I was pregnant with Elli, at least starting off. So I thought the baby would be a boy...particularly because I didn't feel as sick. However, as the weeks progressed, things became similar to the first so then I thought it may be a girl.

Morning Sickness:
With E - Super Duper sick
With #2 - Just "Gaggy"

Eating Habits First Trimester:
With E - I wanted to eat nothing. Everything tasted, smelled and sounded gross
With #2 - I had to eat... otherwise I would get all "gaggy."

With E - Broke out more than usual
With #2 - Breaking out more than usual

With E - Sometimes, but not too often except towards the end.
With #2 - Only during bad weather

Backaches and stretching:
With E - Only towards the end.
With #2 - Yes. Achy, achy, achy!

With E - Breakfast scrambled eggs. Also during the second trimester, I craved Dunkin Donuts powdered donuts with the chocolate filling
With #2 - Brownies, cookies, and chocolate.

Ramzi Theory:
With E - Not sure
With #2 - Boy

Chinese Gender Predictor
With E - Boy
With #2 - Boy

With E - Over 140 (Girl)
With #2 - Over 140 (Girl)

By the time we had the gender reveal, I was secretly thinking it was a girl, but I didn't want to announce my thoughts out loud in case the baby were a boy! Particularly because I would be happy with either a boy or a girl and I didn't want people thinking that I would be disappointed if my prediction were wrong. I had my brother video record everyone's predictions so I could make a gender reveal video as I had done with Elli's for our out-of-town family and friends to see and 13 people thought I was having a boy and 7 thought I was having a girl. (For Elli, the majority thought I was having a boy too!)

We quickly jumped on FaceTime so that my brother-in-law and the nieces could also join in on the fun. Dan and I both cut into the cake and as I went to lift the slice, the cake slice was just stuck! I had to shimmy it out... and...

Screenshot from the Video My Brother Took :) 

Screenshot from the Video My Brother Took :) 


I was in SHOCK!!! It's a GIRL! Yayyy!!!

I really couldn't believe that Baby #2 is another girl! I'm so excited! I never had a sister growing up, so I'm glad Elli gets to have the opportunity to have a special bond with her sister, especially since they'll be so close in age. I know there will be some moments (I know what to expect around ages 12-15...Ya know what I'm saying... but I don't think Dan knows what's about to hit him! Haha!) but I know they'll have such a special and unique bond. 

I can't wait to see Elli as a big sister. She is already so loving and kind. She hugs and kisses everything from us to her grandparents, to her stuffed animals and dolls, and even pictures of puppies in books. She is really good about "sharing" her toys with us and other people when we ask. I hope she stays just as sweet with her little sister. 

Our little family of 3 is about to become a family of 4 and we can't be anymore excited!

Special Thanks:
Donna Delights - for the yummy cake
My Brother Tim - for being the family camera guy
@Eri.Kalligraphy - for the adorable "you are so loved" canvas