Elli - One Month

A letter to Elli... One Month

Oh, Baby Elli, we made it through probably one of the hardest transitions in life. Between you being brand new to this world and my recovery from labor and pre-eclampsia, the first two weeks were pretty rough. I must say, shout out to your daddy! He has been quite the champ dealing with us girls, constantly tending to our needs. He has changed multiple diapers and has even sat up with you when I was too tired to. He cooked (delicious meals!) and cleaned to keep the house orderly. He needs a gold medal. You are blessed, little one.


So far you have gained three pounds. You're becoming a little chunk and I love it! You've officially outgrown your newborn sleeper. Call me sentimental, but I was a little sad. You're growing up so fast.

We finally got brave enough to take you into the public. We were basically house-bound until the last week. We braved our first outing at Moe's, though, we just ordered take out. I guess your first real adventure was at the local frozen yogurt joint. A couple days ago, we took you out to lunch and you were the best little lunch buddy.


We went to church for the first time. You are little Miss Popular! As soon as church ended, Lola stole the beeper from me and headed straight to the nursery. She whisked you away and showed you off to everyone while your Daddy and I just stood there watching. We didn't mind because it was just so sweet and funny to watch. Lolo says that when you get older, he's going to take you shopping. So take note, don't ask us for stuff-- just ask Lola and Lolo. ;-)

We also FaceTimed Granddad and Gramma so that they could meet you. They are just tickled to death and are eagerly waiting to meet you. Gramma is coming to visit soon and is bringing you a few gifts. We can tell she is over-the-moon excited to see you in person.

Your grandparents, both sets, love you so very much. Enjoy the time you have with them. Life is precious.

Love you, baby girl. Always shine for Jesus.

 Mommy trying to be Pinterest-y. ;-)

Mommy trying to be Pinterest-y. ;-)