Gift Guide For the Book-Loving Toddler

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Someone's turning two soon! Ahh! I know I say this all the time, but I can't believe how fast the year has gone! It seems like we were just celebrating Elli's first birthday! *sigh* Anyways, I can't wait to start planning her birthday party! Part of planning Elli's party includes trying to figure out gifts for her that are NOT toys. Because good gracious, she's not even two and it seems like Toy Story seems to explode and take over my living room.

So what better gift is there than a good book? One can never have too many books! Elli loves her little books! And I am a firm believer in reading books to your child. Some of these books are "Elli-approved" and others I thought would be fun to add to her collection.

ONE || BabyLit Books

I saw these books in the store a while ago and wanted to buy a few! Might as well get them started on the classics young, right? And If you know me at all, you know that my absolute favorite book and movie is Anne of Green Gables, so, of course, I totally want to get this for Elli. They also have other books like Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and others. How fun are these??

TWO || Books for Bedtime

We have The Going to Bed Book and God Bless You and Goodnight. Elli absolutely loooooves The Going to Bed Book. However, her all-time favorite bedtime book is Good Night Moon. Her favorite part is "And goodnight to the old lady whispering 'hush.'" I know, so random! Since she already has Good Night Moon, and since I, of course, want her to get an early start on the classics as mentioned above, I found Good Night Mr. Darcy, a BabyLit Book, which is a parody of Good Night Moon.

THREE || Elli's All-Time Favorite Author - Jennifer Morris

When I was pregnant with Elli, my mom bought May I Please Have a Cookie as a part of my Storybook Baby Shower (can you tell how much I love books?). Well, this little book has turned into an extremely well-loved, must-read-a-million-times-in-a-day book in our household. In fact, my husband and I have it memorized, that's how many times we've read it out loud. I don't know why Elli loves this book so much... maybe it's because it's a simple storyline, or maybe it's because we read/recite the book with "character" voices, I don't know. I just know that she LOVES this book.

In my search for books for Elli, I found that Jennifer Morris penned another Alfie (who is the same character in May I Please Have a Cookie) book called Please Write Back and was super excited to see this! She also wrote The Ice Cream Shop and The Sea Monster. After reading the previews, I think Elli will love these as much as May I Please Have a Cookie.

FOUR || Good Ole American Kid Classics

Who doesn't love good ole Dr. Seuss? Elli enjoys Fox in Socks and always laughs at me when I get to the tongue twister at the end. It's such a fun little book. We don't have Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham, so we'll be needing to add those to our collection.

Also, we can't forget about Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Elli absolutely loves talking through all the foods the caterpillar eats throughout the book. She pretty much skips to the middle and end of the book and starts telling us all of the food she sees on the pages.

What is on your book list for your kids? Did you read any of these as a child? What are your kids' favorites? Let me know in the comments!!