How I Saved $40 Using Amazon

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After I became a mom, it seemed as though there were never enough hours in the day to go shopping. With commuting 90 minutes a day back and forth from work, my days would begin at 6:30 AM and I wouldn't get home again until 6 PM. And by that time, all I wanted to do was eat, play with my baby, hang out with my husband and go to bed. Sometimes, we'd get out on Saturdays, but sometimes, taking our daughter out wasn't always the easiest, especially when we had to work around her eating and napping schedule. Shopping got a little easier when my oldest was a little older, but now that we have two under two, I haven't even tried to go shopping with the both of them. (Actually, I shudder to think about shopping with both of my littles at this point in time!)

Enter Amazon Prime. Best $99 I've ever spent.


1. You get two-day FREE shipping. Need a birthday present for a party this weekend? Pretty much out of toothpaste? Get your stuff in two days without paying for shipping!

2. You get to shop from the comfort of your home. Or really, from anywhere you want. I have been riding in the car and have remembered that we needed to buy XYZ and I just pull out my phone and order from my Amazon app.

3. You can set up automatic shipments with the Subscribe and Save options. Here's where the real savings comes in, so, let's talk about Amazon's Subscribe and Save for a sec.

Prior to our using the Subscribe and Save option, we were realllllly bad about shopping at the last minute. What I mean is that, we'd be down to one toilet paper roll (we have two bathrooms) and we'd have to run out to Target to buy some more at 8 PM. Or some days, we'd run out of Milk Bones for our dogs on the day they are being extra obnoxious and need a bribe to stop antagonizing each other. I could go on.

But when I discovered the Subscribe and Save, that completely changed the game for us. I made a list of consumable products that we were running out of often and popped that into Amazon. You can also set up how often you want the product. For example, we get toilet paper every other month, but we get diapers and wipes every month.

You can also save extra money on your subscriptions! And who doesn't love to save money?? Because I have more than five items, I save at least 15% or more on my items. Win-win!


Here's what I got this month:

Amazon Subscribe and Save

Happy Tot
Amazon - $21.62 or $1.35 each
Target - $25.44 or $1.59 each
Difference - $3.82

Pampers Swaddlers
Amazon - $15.99
Target - $22.99
Difference - $7.00

Pampers Cruisers
Amazon - $35.59
Target - $44.49
Difference - $8.90

Cottonelle Toilet Paper
Amazon - $18.35
Target - $16.99
Difference - -$1.36

Sparkle Paper Towels
Amazon - $21.32
Target - $29.99
Difference - $8.67

Milk Bones
Amazon - $8.92
Target - $9.39
Difference - $.47

Pedigree Dentastix
Amazon - $8.39
Target - $12.29
Difference - $3.90

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight
Amazon - $16.63
Target - $24.29
Difference - $7.66

Total Saved: $40.42

Let's say you don't need a certain item that month or you just don't want that item anymore, it is as simple as just a few clicks to either skip that product's subscription or cancel it altogether. Now, I never have to worry about running out of diapers, Milk Bones, or toilet paper because I know they're scheduled to be at my house by the second week of the month.

Amazon's Subscribe and Save is totally worth it knowing that I don't have to lug two small children to the store and figure out where to put my toilet paper when I have a carseat in the middle of the shopping cart.

And today is Amazon Prime Day where all Prime members get some pretty awesome deals today ONLY! If you aren't a Prime member, I would highly recommend you sign up so you can take advantage of the benefits. Try Amazon Prime today for a free trial. Just click on the link below!

Any one else an Amazon fanatic? Do you use Subscribe & Save? Let me know in the comments!