In Memory of My Pastor's Wife

It has been somewhat of an emotional week, which is why I did not get a post up last Tuesday. My pastor's wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of years ago and two weeks ago, she was moved to hospice care. Then, last Tuesday, the day before her birthday, she graduated on to Heaven.

To say the words peace, heartbreak, joy, and grief in one sentence wouldn't come close to how my heart has felt the last few days.

I have peace because I know she is with our Savior.

My heart has broken because I know how much her family and our church family has loved her and will miss her dearly.

I have joy because how awesome is that to be in heaven celebrating with God and His angels, fully healed! What an amazing birthday gift!

And yet we grieve because we are no longer together here on this earth.

Her daughter said that all her mother wanted to do was be an encouragement to others and to live out life as God would want her to. And she did that. Her life was a testament to the goodness of the Lord. With all the hate and disgust out there, she was a beacon of light. She was one of the greatest examples of a true Christian. She was such a wonderful woman of God. She never complained and always had a smile on her face. She loved God with all of her heart and she loved people. I will miss that sweet lady dearly.

On Sunday, we held a memorial service for our dear pastor's wife and this was one of the songs that was sung. It is a beautiful song and I would encourage you all to listen to it! (I may have teared up listening to this song, especially towards the end, so if you're like me, you may want a tissue handy!)

Mrs. Laura, I am thankful for your influence in my life. See you again one day. Love you.

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