The Makings of a Mommy: Months 4-6

I'm back! Y'all. This motherhood stuff is no joke.

ONE | Sleep is overrated. #Whoneedsitanyways? (Edited to add - scheduling will eventually work! Yay!)

TWO | That moment you realize you're THAT mom. What do I mean by that? Maybe, just maybe, you fall into one or more of these categories: the Google-it mom; germ-a-phobe mom; TMI mom; zombie mom, YOUR OWN mom. (Props to this video I saw on Facebook. I laughed so hard. I'm probably Google-it/Hot mess hybrid.)

THREE | You've given up sleeping in your bed and the couch has become your new bed.

FOUR | You have more pictures on your phone of your baby. Scratch that. All of the pictures on your phone are of your baby.

FIVE | You know how you would scoff at those moms who escape to the bathroom for "me time"? Yeah. Can't scoff anymore. #guilty #justneedfiveminutes #makeitten

SIX | You've realized that your baby has outgrown 3 sizes. And putting away all the newborn through six-month clothes suddenly becomes nostalgically depressing. Then, you find a teeny newborn diaper, and full-fledged cry. #babystopgrowingup !!

SEVEN | You fully intend on keeping up with the monthly baby updates... and yeah. Intend. Keyword. Well, it's all in my head. . . I think. I do have a ton of printed pictures thanks to my free pics on the Shutterfly app. Props to those moms who keep up every detail! Seriously, I wish I could be like you. Again, remember, I'm a hybrid of hot-mess mom. 


Humor aside, a happy half-birthday to my baby girl
Written in March.

Dear Elli-girl,

Happy half-birthday, baby girl! You just turned six months old a few weeks ago! I can hardly believe it. Was it really six months ago that you were this itty bitty six pound, ten-ounce baby? You have grown up so much! You rolled over at almost four months old. Daddy was the first one to see you flip. It surprised both of us. Pretty soon you were just rolling around.

Then, suddenly, you started to laugh. Not just giggle. I mean, really, really laugh! The first time I heard you really laugh, was when Piper came up to sniff your feet. You think your puppies are the funniest little creatures. (Carl does have a funny face.)

Lola gave you a mashed up banana for the first time at around five months old. You LOVE bananas! Daddy and I have to hold your hand to feed you because you think you're a big girl and can feed yourself with a spoon. Speaking of little miss independent, you recognized your bottle pretty early on and you now grab for it and feed yourself.

In the last few weeks, you've been really sitting up. It's so thrilling to see you actually attempt to play with all your little toys. You love grabbing everything and so far you really aren't about putting them all in your mouth. Except your feet. I guess you think that your feet taste yummy.

Your little personality is starting to come out a lot! You're pretty laid back for the most part, until you can't figure something out the first time. I wonder if you'll be a perfectionist. You're also very shy until you're familiar with the people around you and your surroundings. Then it's all scrunched nose smiles and giggles. 

I want to remember all of these little details of you. You're so small and squishy and I just love you to pieces. XOXO

Our lil' family on Easter.

Our lil' family on Easter.