Pinterest Made Me Do It - Tried and True Recipes

I'll let you in on a little secret. When it comes to food and cooking, I am the most uncreative, indecisive person on the planet. Cooking does not come naturally for me. There are some, like both of my sister-in-laws, who can just whip something up without a recipe book and make something delicious. There are others, AKA ME, who wouldn't dare do something like that for fear of making something completely inedible. I am a recipe follower and I like things as basic and easy as it gets.

Now, I can make the basic pasta dinner, taco dinner, and those super simple "even a cave man can do it" recipes. However, sometimes, those get a little boring. So, when I'm feeling a little more creative, I turn to Pinterest. And there have been some recipe fails... and there have been some recipe wins!

There have been several times when my husband would suggest to make one of my "Pinterest" recipes and I'd have to hunt for it on my Food board. So... I figured, why not put all the Tried and True recipes in one spot? I'll be adding to this as we go. But in the meantime, y'all should totally check it out!

The latest recipe I made from Pinterest was Smoked Sausage and Cheesy Orzo by Wendi at Loaves and Dishes. Guys. It was SO GOOD! So good, it was husband and toddler approved. WIN!

And it was sooooo easy! Like I said, I just love these easy and delicious recipes. Thanks, Wendi


Does that not look amazing?! 

Anyone else use Pinterest for food inspiration? Have you found any good recipes? I'd love to check out your Pinterest boards or even food posts. Link them down below!