She Reads Truth Bible Review + An Update on My Bible Reading Journey

I received the She Reads Truth Bible free from the publisher through the B&H Bloggers book review program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

I had planned to post this before Christmas, but as I was prepping for this post, I realized that the original She Reads Truth Bible I received was defective. So, Andy over at B&H Bloggers offered to send me a new one! PS: The B&H Bloggers team is so awesome! It's such a great program and if you want to get into reviewing Christian books, that's a great program to start with. Anyways, I have been meaning to post this review forever, but sickness, life, time, etc. had me push this post back. So, I am really excited to share this Bible with y'all!

So, when I realized I had an opportunity to review the She Reads Truth Bible, I was extremely excited! The She Reads Truth Bible is an absolute gorgeous Bible! The Bible I received has the grey linen cover and is indexed.

I love all the details that have been poured into this Bible. I mean, look at all the color! If you are a visual person, you would probably love this Bible. Before each chapter, there is a beautifully illustrated verse. There are also a ton of studies, timelines, and maps throughout this Bible. I also appreciate the footnotes found at the end of this Bible. There is a lot of good information found in the notes!

The biggest drawback about the She Reads Truth Bible is that the pages are super thin. I feel like I have to be super careful turning the pages and I keep this Bible away from my kiddos.

So, earlier this year, I decided to read my Bible cover to cover. I flew through Genesis. Then I dragged through Exodus. So. Many. Details! But so many important details about the law! I have grown to appreciate how the book of Exodus showed us God's redemption, and how He is perfect and how we are not. We are in need of a Savior! It also amazed me how often the Israelites stumbled and fell, and while it's easy for me to read this and go, "Seriously? Pull it together!" I have to remember that I am the same way! While I'm not wandering in a desert, I have my moments of stumbling. And during the times of trials when I feel alone, I remember that God is in the midst of me. Just as he was in the midst of the Israelites.

I'm hoping that this month, I can finish Leviticus and Numbers. I've found a couple of good resources to help me read these books, as I know it can be a bit challenging! And my sister-in-law, Hannah, offered to keep me accountable. :-P