The One Facebook Tip Everyone Needs to Know

How many times have you been scrolling through a Facebook group and have seen something like this?

Person #1: Does anyone have any tips on SEO?
Person #2: Following
Person #3: Following
Person #4: Not sure, but I've been wondering this too... following!

Maybe you've been guilty of doing this. No worries! I have too! However, I have discovered a nifty little Facebook trick that everyone NEEDS to know.

If you want to follow a Facebook post, rather than comment "following" and clog up the feed, turn on the notifications!

Just click on the "down arrow" and choose "Turn on notifications for this post."

Turn On Notifications

From now on, anytime anyone comments on that particular post, you will be notified.

Easy peasy, right? :-)

What is one handy dandy Facebook tip that has made your life easier? Would love to hear from you!