The Song That Will Change Your Toddler's Life

Have you ever been in that situation where your child just won't. stop. crying? As a first time parent, it can be overwhelming. As a not-first time parent, it can be annoying or frustrating. Maybe you're not a parent, but you babysit or nanny like I did for years-- non-stop crying can be terrifyingly overwhelming, especially when the kid just. won't. stop.

Well. A friend posted a certain song on Facebook and swore by it. She claimed this song stopped her chlid's tears almost immediately. I too was a skeptic. Until desperate times called for desperate measures.

Introducing "The Happy Song"! It was scientifically created to make babies happy through the noises, rhythm, and music put together. Since my friend swore by the song, I played it for Elli (who's a year and a half). The first time she listened to it, she was more interested in the actual video than the song itself. It's definitely a cute song. Very happy, upbeat, and very well done. But Elli wasn't too impressed. She could take it or leave it.

A couple days ago, as we were leaving my parents' house, Elli started bawling her little eyes out because she did not want to leave my parents. (She absolutely adores and loves her Lolo and Lola!) My husband struggled putting her in the car seat as she was doing the famous toddler plank and would not sit down. Usually, Elli calms down after a few minutes with a bribe of a toy and a kiss to the forehead. However, this certain night, she was not having it. She kept crying and planking and doing all sorts of shenanigans. My husband kept struggling with her and finally I traded places with him as he frantically looked for the Happy Song. We wanted to test out the theory to see if The Happy Song would really would make a baby happy again. As I fought with the car seat and my child, something magical happened as soon as the Happy Song started to play.

The screaming stopped. The fighting to get out of the car seat stopped. The tears stopped. She plunked down and I buckled her in no problem.

Y'ALL. This song was magical. We started to drive home in peace playing this happy little tune.

Then the song ended.

A little voice piped up from the back. "P'ease?"

Dan and I looked at each other. We were not about to play this on repeat the whole way home.

"P'ease? P'ease? P'ease? P'EEEEASE!!!!"

I said to Dan, "Put something else on, like Baby Einstein or something." As I continued driving, Dan navigated through Pandora. Elli was not having it and the wails and whimpers started the ensue. She didn't like the Lion King or Hakuna Matata. She didn't like the Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. She didn't like the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Insert my child crying and saying ""

"Dang it." My husband muttered as he navigated back to the Happy Song. As soon as the baby giggles and whistling started, Elli stopped her wailing and whimpering. She started babbling with the song, adding in an occasional giggle and "Yay!" As soon as the song ended, her sweet little "P'ease?" piped up again. And we played the dang Happy Song on repeat the rest of the way home.

Disclaimer: Be careful when picking songs to soothe your child. You may be blessed with the instant silence and immediate giggles, but you may be cursed with playing a 2 minute song on repeat during a 30 minute car ride home. Try this at your own risk. ;-)