Unboxing my Stitch Fix!

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After having Abby, I went through my closet and started purging clothes. Having been pregnant twice in 2.5 years, my body has changed like crazy. Suddenly, shirts were too short, pants were either too tight OR too loose (weird!), and dresses no longer fit correctly. I feel like I shrank and expanded in all sorts of weird places. So, after a major purge, I realized that I needed a few good solid staples.

I decided to try out Stitch Fix once again since it had been a while and it's always fun to see what a stylist picks for you. I know a few people who haven't had very good luck with their Stitch Fix boxes, but every box I've had has been awesome and on point to my style. Now, I haven't done Stitch Fix very often-- maybe once or twice a year depending-- but here are a few "beginners" tips that have worked for me.

  • Link all of your social media accounts to your Stitch Fix account.
  • Link your Pinterest account AND keep your style board up-to-date. Also, pin, pin, pin!
  • Be picky when answering the Stitch Fix survey.
  • Leave a detailed note for your stylist. I let my stylist know exactly what I am wanting and looking for. For this fix, I specifically asked for black ponte pants. My stylist delivered!
  • If you're 5'4 and you need petite bottoms, change your height to 5'3 so that you can opt for the petite sizes. My first pair of pants from Stitch Fix was too long, even though I marked the 28-29" length for pants.
  • Finally, I don't know what it is, but even if you are a parent, just say "no" on the survey. I don't know why, but I received some not-so-great pieces when that option was marked. I'm not sure how being a parent is relevant to styling your clothes. Heck, look at Candace Cameron Bure... I love her style and she's a mom!
Unboxing my Stitch Fix.jpg

Outfit #1:

  • Realm Oria Skinny Jean
    I asked for a pair of dark-wash, non-distressed jeans and my stylist sent me this pair. She mentioned that there was a darker pair, but was a little higher than my normal price range. While I really liked the fit of these jeans, I already have a pair of jeans that are this wash and was hoping for something darker.
    VERDICT - Return
  • Daniel Rainn Albado Crew Neck Blouse
    When I pulled this shirt out of the box, I actually really liked it! I like the color and pattern. However, I did not like it on me. I felt like the neckline was too restricting and I just wasn't in love with the shirt.
    VERDICT - Return
  • Skies are Blue Asa Knit Blazer
    I absolutely loved the blazer!! I love the style and it is super soft. It was definitely one of my favorite pieces. However, was still in the 90s here in Florida, so sadly, I had to return it.
    VERDICT - Return

I styled this outfit with my favorite Toms Desert Wedges. These wedges are supppper comfy! They are definitely a must-have for your closet!


Outfit #2:

  • Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse
    I really try not to judge an article of clothing until I try it on, but I wasn't exactly excited when I pulled this shirt out of the box. At first, I thought it was blue and coral, but looking at it closer, I realized it was more of an indigo violet and orangey color. I also wasn't a huge fan of the pattern. I did like the style and cut of the shirt. Again, I wasn't in love. However, this outfit would be PERFECT for a Clemson fan. Just saying. :-)
    VERDICT - Return

I styled this outfit with these shorts from Cotton On (similar here) and these wedges that I got a couple of months ago from JC Penney. The purse was a gift from my mom. :) 


Outfit #3:

  • Tribal Alondra Moto Skinny Pant
    Y'all. I LOVE these pants!!! My stylist knocked it out of the park with these! They are stretchy like leggings, but thick like pants. You can dress it up or dress it down. I wore these pants to church with dressy tunic. Then I wore the pants again with a t-shirt and flip flops. I was so excited about these pants, I didn't even take any stylized shots with it. I just ripped the tags off and wore 'em! These are just the comfiest pants I've worn. They are also so, so soft. I will definitely be wearing this A LOT!
    VERDICT - Kept!

Here I am in the comfiest pants ever. Excuse my crazy face... This is a real life moment picture. Haha! Just keeping it real, y'all...keeping it real.

Oh! And my shirt is a Jadelynn Brooke shirt... it's the Gilmore Girls shirt that says "Coffee like Lorelai, think like Rory, cook like Sookie, fix it like Luke, babble like Paris, rock like Lane." The front says "I like coffee with my oxygen."

stitch fix

So, what do y'all think? Anyone else do Stitch Fix? Send me your posts! I love style and Stitch Fix posts from friends! Haven't tried Stitch Fix, but want to?? Here is my affiliate link. I hope you enjoy your Stitch Fix and let me know what you think!