What I'm Loving || A March & April Recap

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I completely missed March, but dang, April started off with my husband getting bronchitis, then I caught it, and then Elli caught the sniffles & cold. Thankfully, we are all past that and ready for MAY! And in our family, May means birthdays (AHEM MINE *Happy Dance*), graduations, anniversaries, so party hardy! Before jumping into May festivities... so many fun things happened in March and April, so I just have to share! And, I realized that I didn't take that many pictures! *Note to self: take more pictures!

Favorite Moments:

ONE || Hello, third trimester...and holy moly, how did that happen?! I am so excited that we are in the home stretch to meeting baby sis. And all of a sudden, I am just exhausted! And I am starving all the time. Give me all the food. Seriously. Besides that, praise the Lord I'm not hugely pregnant during the heat of a Florida summer?! That was absolutely awful last time! Here's to hoping we don't get a crazy early start to summer. 

TWO || One of my best friends, Leticia, and I went to into town to see one of our former students perform in My Fair Lady. I had actually never seen the movie, but I had read parts of Pygmalion and had heard many of the songs growing up. I absolutely loved the play!! It was so, so, so good! I love musicals and I'm definitely planning to see more in town as they come up.

THREE || My brother had his Master of Arts graduation gallery! My brother has been doodling and drawing and sketching since the time he could hold a pencil. It is absolutely amazing to see how his talent has grown and developed over the years. Oh, and I was "that" sister...who did the whole Facebook live thing.


FOUR || My dearest friend Rachel was in town and we got to see each other for the first time in almost 3 years! We were "suitemates" (our residence hall suite was connected by a bathroom, hence "suitemates") in college and goodness all the shenanigans we got into those two years! It was SO nice to catch up with her, but it was way too short. A trip up to visit her one day is definitely in the making!


FIVE || The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! We've been enjoying taking walks and going to the park when we can. Elli loves being outside and just cries when we have to go home. I'm really going to miss spring weather as summer in Florida is absolutely miserable...especially when it's 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity. :-(


SIX || My brother and sister-in-law hosted a little Easter egg hunt at their apartment! It was so cute seeing Elli figure out what to do! We all cheered when she put her first egg in her basket and she looked at us like, "Okay, weird people." Haha! THEN! She figured out the eggs opened AND there were prizes inside! Her eyes lit up and she goes, "OOOH!!!" Insert more motivation to find more eggs. Haha! It was absolutely adorable.


SEVEN || Who has tried the Walmart Grocery pickup?? OH MY SOUL, PEOPLE. This is revolutionary for someone like me who absolutely hates going to Walmart!!! A few Facebook friends tried it and said that they had a pretty good experience, so I decided to give it a whirl because Walmart's prices are much lower than Publix (most of the time). It is SO easy! I downloaded the app and plugged in the items I needed and chose a pick up date and time. The day of the pick up, before I left the house, I "checked in" to the app (they can track you to see if you've arrived) and within 5-10 minutes of arriving, the grocers were at my car putting things into my trunk. AMAZING.

Favorite Blog Posts:

I've found so many great bloggers lately and there are some posts that just really spoke to me or that I found super helpful! Check these posts and these bloggers out:

ONE || Why Fixing is Kryptonite To Our Friendships by Jill at An Achiever Goes Rogue

TWO || Why Sharing God's Faithfulness in Your Life Helps Others by Lindsey at The Joyful Story

THREE || Finding My Blogging Voice & Why It's Important for Your Readers by Kiara at Blissfully Brunette

FOUR || How to Schedule Three Months Worth Of Posts Ahead of Time by Neely at It Starts With Coffee

Favorite Entertainment:

ONE || I discovered Lindsay's podcast "Let's Be Real" and am loving it! Her podcast is true to its name-- she is real! I loved hearing her testimony and she is super down to earth and just fun and encouraging to listen to. Go check her out on iTunes

TWO || Again, I know I said this last month, but When Calls the Heart is my jam! My husband makes fun of me for how emotionally attached I get when I watch the show... but hello?! I won't spoil it, but Season 4, Episode 6-- how can you NOT be?? I think I'm going to write a whole post on When Calls the Heart one of these days... because I admit. I'm obsessed. And I'm SO SAD we have to wait another several months before Season 5 airs. (PS: You can see Season 4 on Amazon!)

Photo Credit: Crown Media Press, 2017.

Photo Credit: Crown Media Press, 2017.

THREE || Along with When Calls the Heart, I'm also loving Fixer Upper, of course! Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna Gaines? And their kiddos are just so stinkin' adorable! It seems that everyone I know is making the journey to Magnolia these days. Heck, I found out my parents are going to be going there sometime this summer... talk about jealous! By the way, if you haven't already, you need to read their book The Magnolia Story. I had an Audible credit and used my credit to buy the audio version and I highly recommend it! Chip and Joanna actually read it and it makes their book come alive! It was such a great lighthearted read-- I highly recommend it!

FOUR || All right. How many of you guys saw the video of the little kid video-bombing her dad on BBC live? I laughed SO HARD!!! The little girl just walked in like a boss! Then the poor dad, who was talking about something very serious, was trying to keep his composure while kiddo #2 rolls in...literally. Then the MOM ninja's into that room. And that's when I lost it. My husband was like "THAT WOULD BE YOU!" You guys. I cried from laughing so hard at that dang video. I would be that ninja mom. I loved reading the follow-up interview later. They are such a real family and honestly, what do you do in a moment where you're like "OH CRAP. I'm on live tv and my family has just video-bombed my very serious, international interview?" If you haven't seen this, please check it out. It is so funny!

FIVE || Did y'all see my review on The Magic of Motherhood? If you are a momma or if you know a momma, you have to pick up this book! It will make a great Mother's Day gift and I guarantee it will bless your heart too.

SIX || Any Amazing Race fans out there? I have loved the Amazing Race forever and when I was younger I wanted to be on the show. Honestly, if I were 18 or 19, I could probably do it... but not now. I'm getting too old, haha! So, a few of my favorite teams would be Team Fun and Team Lo-Lo. So far I also like Team Mom and Dad as well because they are playing the game with strategy. Not a huge fan of Team The Boys or Team Ashton and Vanck and I didn't care for Team SandS Express (at least the guy...). I cannot remember the name of the team, but the one with the guy who is a butcher and the girl who had never rowed a boat before, really impressed me, but this last leg was a bit upsetting to see the guy be a complete jerk. That being said, I imagine they are under a lot of pressure and are probably super sleep deprived, so I can't completely write him off. OH! And RIP Team America. They were my favorites...! I really thought they were going to win the whole thing.

That's about it! Anyone else do a monthly recap? Comment down below!