What's Up Wednesday!

Hey y'all and happy hump day!! It has been a hot minute since I last blogged. Between birthdays and sicknesses and the internet going out for several days, it has been a crazy busy month. I am definitely looking forward to the coming up holidays and the chance to have a few days off and relax! Since it's been a while, I thought, why not link up with the What's Up Wednesday crew?


What we're eating this week

I have just discovered the Publix dinner pickup. (Is that the official name for it?) Basically, go online, order a family dinner, head to the Publix deli, and voila! Dinner is ready to go! We've done this twice now because this mama has not had time to cook! Both times we got the polled pork dinner meal for four and it lasted for a few meals! And it may or may not be better than Sonny's BBQ. Just saying.

What I'm reminiscing about

I can't believe it's been a month since Elli's second birthday! I have a post about her turning two and her birthday party coming up! I was so excited to plan her Minnie Mouse Bowtique Birthday! And most importantly, we had such a great time!

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

What I'm loving

It's FINALLY getting COOL!!! Make fun of me all you want, but as soon as the temp drops to below 69 degrees, I'm digging out my boots, booties, sweaters, and cozy stuff! #FloridaGirlProblems

What we've been up to

Oh goodness... let's see...

We had our first ER trip with Abby due to a fever and her being so little. :( Thankfully, everything is okay and she just happened to catch a cold from Elli and me.

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson


Elli and I also went to the pumpkin patch with a few of her preschool buddies! This was right after the whole "everyone is sick" time and I am so glad we were both well enough to go! She was such a trooper considering it was 90 degrees out! She had such a blast...despite what her face says. Haha!

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson


What I'm dreading

Teething!!! Abby has been gnawing on her hand and basically anything she can get in her mouth. I'm pretty sure a tooth is going to just pop out sometime soon. And, gosh, but this girl drools like none other! Maybe it's the norm, but Elli was not a drooly, spitty baby. Haha! Anyone have any mom hacks for soothing drooly, teething babies?

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson


What I'm working on

So, for the last several months, I've been trying to come up with a blog name that further describes my blog. I honestly just used my name because I wanted to start blogging and jump back into the blogging community. But... I'm stuck! I need your help!

The overall big picture of my blog is a family lifestyle blog. Going further, I want to be encouraging and still be real. I don't necessarily want to be a "mommy blogger.' I'm just a mom that blogs and so, of course, that's going to come out in my posts. Just as you'd see posts on faith and such. So....friends.... send me your ideas!

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What I'm excited about

Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas!!!!!

PC: Hallmarkchannel.com

PC: Hallmarkchannel.com

I cannot believe how much I love the Hallmark Channel. It's a little ridiculous, to be honest, but where else can you find a bunch of fun, light-hearted chick-flicks??? Anyone else out there as excited as me? Let me know which movie you are most excited about. 

What I'm watching/reading

I haven't been watching much TV; although I made my husband watch an Aurora Teagarden mystery with me last weekend. I've also been watching a little bit of Dancing with the Stars. I absolutely loved the Disney episode... it's always my favorite.

What I'm listening to

I am a podcast person! I have recently started listening to the Coffee and Crumbs podcast and am loving it so far! By the way, they are the same ones that wrote The Magic of Motherhood. If you haven't read my review of the book, you should! ;-)

What I'm wearing

I received these Tribal Alondra moto pants in my Stitch Fix box last month and they are the best pants I've ever owned! They are super soft with just enough stretch. They are amazing! And in keeping it real... here I am a hot mess, barely any make up on, mom bun self in the awesome pants from Stitch Fix.

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson


What I'm doing this weekend

Elli and I are off to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday!! Woo hoo!! Hoping the weather stays nice because we'll be outdoors! 

What I'm looking forward to next month

I honestly cannot believe November is just around the corner! My parents always host Thanksgiving, but this year... we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll host it? Who knows...! A couple of years ago, we decided to have a pie contest. I don't remember what my brother in law made, but I made Mix and Match Mama's pumpkin pie with Oreo crust and my husband made his "famous" award winning apple pie. (No joke, years ago, he entered his pie in a school competition as a dare from his dad and won first place!)  I am also taking a photography class next month and I am super excited about it! I haven't had a chance to play with my camera in a while, so this will be a nice excuse to break it out again.

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

Picture Credit: Kaycee Simpson

What else is new

Have you ever had "Nothing Bundt Cake"? If you haven't and you have one near you, you HAVE to go get a bundt cake! I am so dead serious. They are absolutely amazing! Shout out to Julie for introducing this wonderfully delicious amazingness to me! I had every intention of saving the other half of my mini bundt cake for the next day, but oops. I ate the whole thing. #sorrynotsorry

Bonus! What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

I am pretty boring, but I gotta have some good mashed potatoes and stuffing with my Thanksgiving meal! And also, of course, lumpia, because I'm Filipino.

That's all folks! Let me know if you've linked up with the What's Up Wednesday crew! And if you have any blog name ideas for me, let me know! Let's be friends and chat!!