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Update Posts!
11/18/15: Kicking off #my101in1001

Start Date: November 16, 2015
End Date: August 13, 2018

Shaping Up or Shipping Out
1. Get back to pre-pregnancy weight
2. Run a fun 5K (Color Run, Inflatable 5K, or Mud Run)
3. Do a 30-day exercise challenge
4. No soda for a year
5. No french fries for a year
6. Do the 21-day fix
7. Invest in a Nutribullet (or something similar) for healthy smoothies COMPLETE! (11/27/2015)

Here, There, and Everywhere
8. Take an all-inclusive Disney Trip
9. Eat at Cinderella's Castle
10. Go on a cruise
11. Go to a Hot Air Balloon Festival
12. Go to the local Greek Festival COMPLETE (10/7/2016)
13. Go to the local Seafood Festival
14. Go to the Blue Angels Homecoming Night Show
15. Visit the Montgomery Zoo
16. Visit Bellingrath Gardens
17. Visit the USS Alabama
18. Visit Atlanta
19. Check out and eat at three local restaurants we haven't tried IN PROGRESS - 2/3
       12/19/15 - Ruby Slipper, Pensacola FL
       8/15/2016 - Hub Stacey's
20. Take Elli to see Disney on Ice
21. Go fishing
22. Go to a concert
23. Go to a football game
24. Go paddle boarding COMPLETE!  (7/16/16)
25. Ride a flow rider
26. Go to the local Farmer's Market and buy something

Party Hardy!
27. Plan and execute a surprise party COMPLETE! (3/19/16)
28. Host a dinner party
29. Host a Christmas party
30. Host a White Elephant gift exchange
31. Get my family to do an Ugly Christmas sweater contest
32. Get my family to do a gingerbread house contest

L is for the way you look at me...
33. Go on a fancy date with Dan COMPLETE (5/19/17)
34. Plan an intentional just us date night each month
       December 2015 - Saw a play
35. Find a TV series to watch together (COMPLETE! February 2017)
36. Celebrate our 4th anniversary  COMPLETE - Went to Southern AL for the day
37. Celebrate our 5th anniversary  COMPLETE! - Date Night at the Melting Pot
38. Celebrate our 6th anniversary
39. Print our wedding book from Shutterfly
40. Go on a weekend getaway just the two of us
41. Get bikes and go biking

All About E
42. Plan and execute Elli's 1st birthday party COMPLETE!
43. Plan and execute Elli's 2nd birthday party
44. Take advantage of the local park and take Elli as much as possible In Progress
45. Complete Elli's baby book IN PROGRESS
46. Get a Project Life book after Elli turns 1
47. Take a picture of Elli each month COMPLETE!
48. Buy moccs for Elli COMPLETE! Christmas 2015

Let's Get Personal
49. Buy a planner COMPLETE! 11/30/15 - Emily Ley Simplified Planner
50. Do a meal plan each week - ha ha.... 3/22/16... no improvement 8/20 ...
51. Try one new recipe each month (1/30) IN PROGRESS
       11/26/15- Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie with Oreo Crust
52. Read or listen via Audible one book a month
       Dancing Through Life - Candace Cameron Bure - May 20, 2016
       The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet - Bernie Sue & Kate Rorick - May 29, 2016
       The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet - Kate Noble & Rachel Kiley - June 20, 2016
       The Magnolia Story - Chip & Joanna Gaines July 23, 2016
       December Caravan - Rebecca VanDemark - August 18, 2016
       Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand IN PROGRESS
       A Baxter Family Christmas - Karen Kingsbury - November 11, 2016
       Talking As Fast as I Can - Lauren Graham - December 2016
       It's Not Okay - Andi Dorfman - January 19, 2017
       Grace Not Perfection - IN PROGRESS
       The Magic of Motherhood - April 21, 2017
 Salty Kisses - Robin Gunn - May 1, 2017
Let's Be Real - Natasha Bure - May 24, 2017
Turquoise Table - Kristin Schell - June 2017
       Love Story - Karen Kingsbury - June 2017
       A Fierce Love - Shauna Shanks - IN PROGRESS
53. Be a bridesmaid COMPLETE! 5/16/16
54. Get a library card COMPLETE! 11/17/15
55. Discover and go for my dream job
56. Read and finish one book by Jane Austen
57. Get a pedicure and treat a friend
58. Get my passport renewed
59. Buy a drink for the person behind me at a coffee drive-thru COMPLETE July 13, 2016
60. Try a clothing subscription box COMPLETE! Stitch Fix & Trendsend January 2016
61. Send birthday cards on time
62. Get a new lens for my camera

63. Read the entire Bible
64. Memorize one verse each month
65. Invest in a journaling Bible COMPLETE - April 2017
66. Start a prayer and thankfulness journal

Home Is Where the Heart Is
67. Paint and update our entryway and living room
68. Upgrade our flooring from carpet to hardwood, tile, or laminate
69. Sod the backyard
70. Get the ducts cleaned COMPLETE! July 2016
71. Plant flowers in the front yard COMPLETE! October 2016
72. Grow a vegetable successfully
73. Put curtains in Elli's room COMPLETE! August 2016
74. Frame and hang our bridal party picture
75. Get a piano COMPLETE! September 2016
76. Organize our closet
77. Get rid of old clothes COMPLETE! AUGUST 2016
78. Upgrade our bedroom furniture
79. Get family photos printed on a canvas

Love to Learn
80. How to use my dSLR camera in manual mode well Working on it
81. Sign Language
82. Basic phrases in Tagalog
83. Basic phrases in German (Start Rosetta Stone again) Working on it via Duolingo app
84. How to crochet
85. How to graphic design
86. Re-learn the violin
87. How to play the ukelele
88. How to surf on a flow rider
89. Re-learn Latin
90. Learn how to make the best iced coffee

91. Reach 200 followers on Facebook (IN PROGRESS - 164 - 6/3/2017)
92. Reach 200 followers on Twitter COMPLETE! 3/4/17
93. Write a sponsored post.
94. Write a book review COMPLETE! August 29, 2016
        Link to December Caravan
95. Start or co-host a link up
96. Invest and update my blog design COMPLETE! February 2, 2017
97. Update old graphics and make them Pinterest pinnable IN PROGRESS

Financial Future
98. Save up enough money to trade-in my car
99. Triple our savings account
100. Read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover
101. Start a savings fund for the kids COMPLETE - 2017